1 -Introduction

1.1 Purpose

BHM group seeks information on travel services and is requesting proposals from qualified supplier. BHM requests that all suppliers examine the specific requirements in this RFP and prepare responses pursuant to the terms contained herein.

BHM is soliciting proposals that illustrate cost buildup, service delivery, and methodology for a range of travel services, including airfare ticketing, hotel booking, car services, visa advisory & facilitation, airport protocol and ticketing of other modes of travel such as trains and ferries. The award/contract will be for a period of one-year subject to periodic performance review and renewable for an additional year depending on performance.

1.2 Background & What We Do

BHM is a media and public relations company involved in reputation management, consumer engagement, content development, community and assets management, research and intelligence as well as media relations.

Our mission is to provide the best possible corporate and marketing communications to the best brands on earth using strategies no one can beat.

Our vision is to become Africa’s leading media and public relations agency by working with our partners in the media, business and publics to achieve the best possible solutions for clients and consumers, as a result build a far reaching reputation and profit for investors.

2 -Proposal Preparation Instructions

2.1 Timelines
The following dates are for informational and planning purposes. The term COB means 5:30 PM. BHM reserves the right to change any of the dates and times set below. If changes are made, BHM will contact all interested Suppliers.

2.2 Procurement-Related Communications

All questions, inquiries, and requests for clarification must be submitted in writing to the designated contact listed below no later than 2nd March, 2019.

Questions submitted to BHM after this period will only be answered if BHM determines the question is critical to the success of the RFP process. Responses to all questions will be circulated to all Suppliers.

Suppliers shall not contact BHM staff outside the written communication channel described above unless authorized by BHM. BHM may, at its sole discretion, contact vendors for in person or verbal briefings or discussions.

Suppliers may notify BHM of any discrepancies, errors, or omissions that may exist within this RFP. With respect to this RFP, Suppliers may recommend to BHM any enhancements, which might be in BHM’s best interests.

2.3 Right to Reject Proposals

Issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by BHM to award a contract. BHM reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or portions of proposals received in response to this RFP, to request modification or clarification of any part of a proposal, or to cancel this RFP if it is in the best interest of BHM to do so. Furthermore, BHM may reject any proposal if it is considered incomplete or conditional, contains irregularities, or does not meet qualifications, requirements, or specifications. Failure to furnish all information may disqualify the proposal.

2.4 Ownership of Proposals

Proposals and any other materials submitted to BHM in response to this RFP will become the exclusive property of BHM upon receipt and will not be returned. BHM is not liable for any costs incurred as a result of responding to this Request for Proposals.

BHM expects to select two firms to provide travel management services for the entirety of its operations. BHM anticipates that the agreement will run for 12 months with the option to extend for an additional period subject to performance. BHM expects to sign service agreements with the winning bidders laying out the conditions of the agreement.

In responding to this RFP, the vendor accepts full responsibility to understand the RFP in its entirety, and in detail, including making any inquiries to BHM as necessary to gain such understanding. BHM reserves the right to disqualify any vendor who demonstrates incomplete understanding. Further, BHM reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, whether the vendor has demonstrated such understanding. That right extends to cancellation of award, if award has been made. Such disqualification and/or cancellation shall be at no fault, cost, or liability whatsoever to BHM.

2.5 Good Faith Statement

All information provided by BHM in this RFP is offered in good faith and are subject to change at any time. BHM makes no certification that any item is without error and will not be responsible or liable for any use of the information or for any claims asserted there from.

2.6 Proposal Submission

Vendors must send proposals in electronic copy via e-mail, on or prior to 4th March, 2019, 5:30 pm to: and

Each Proposal should provide a straightforward, concise description of the vendor’s ability to meet the requirements of this RFP. Proposals should not contain unsolicited, extraneous or duplicative information. A proposal may be considered non-responsive if information is either conditional or incomplete, or if it contains extraneous material. Proposals must be based solely on the requirements contained in this RFP.

By submitting a Proposal, the Vendor grants BHM the right to obtain any information from any lawful source regarding (i) the past history, practices, conduct and ability of Agency to perform the services and otherwise to fulfill the requirements under this RFP, and (ii) the past history, practices, conduct and ability of any director, officer, or key employee of Vendor.

3 -Agency Profile

3.1 Profile
Please provide the following information:
• Full name of the corporate entity placing the proposal,
• Company address,
• Telephone,
• Contact Name,
• Email,
• Background,
• Year of Establishment,
• Corporate History,
• Corporate Philosophy.
Primary location, branch, or division of the company that will be providing services to BHM.

4 -Implementation
If your organization is successful in being awarded BHM’s travel services contract, explain how
you would implement services by providing an implementation plan that:
Outlines major action items;
Provides the implementation timeframe;
Includes staff responsible for the implementation at each location;
Provides Vendor’s process for creating traveler profiles;
Describe the actions that would be required of BHM.

5 -Account Management & Service

Kindly detail specifically the number of agents, experience level, management team, resources for agents, as well as roles and responsibilities.
Kindly provide us with the average number of years of experience among your agents
What type of ongoing training do you provide to your agents?
How will you ensure that your agents are well-versed in BHM’s travel policies, procedures, forms and travel trends?
How will your team identify BHM policy exemptions?
How will you measure the quality of your team’s performance?
Describe your proposed process of resolving customer service issues?
As a travel agency, describe if you are able to provide any or all of the following services internationally:
airfare tickets
hotel bookings
visa advisory and facilitation
airport protocol
car rental
car and driver service
tickets of other modes of travel
10. Does your agency offer executive travel services?
11. Do you offer any type of discount, loyalty, or rewards program to corporate clients?
12. Can you offer a discount for early invoice payment?
13. How will you inform BHM of breaking industry news, security advisories, and market updates?
14. What additional services and benefits is your agency able to provide? What are the costs associated with those benefits?
15. How do you measure customer satisfaction?
16. Suppliers must provide three references, with contact information.
17. Do you offer credit facilities to clients? If yes, for how long is it available?

6 -Cost Reduction Opportunities

Describe how your agency can deliver incremental savings beyond transaction fee savings.
Describe preferred vendor relations for airlines (including regional/local airlines in Africa, Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, South, South East, and Central Asia), car, and hotel agreements providing an overview of existing preferred vendor programs.
What cost savings opportunities can BHM leverage from your agency contracts with travel vendors?
Do you provide any discount/loyalty/rewards programs to corporate clients?
Do you provide discount % points for early payment?
What tools or processes do you use to guarantee that the lowest compliant airfare is offered to travelers?
Describe your ability to provide special airline, car, and hotel services for travelers, including seat clearance in preferred seating areas.

7 -Additional documents to provide:

A copy of your Agency’s latest annual report, if available;
Copy of your standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) or standard terms and conditions.
Copy of your company profile and company Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Form CO2 and CAC 7.